Supported formats

MSight handles MS and MS/MS data generated from the majority of mass spectrometers as well as generic data formats.

Generic formats:

  • mzXML, an open generic XML (eXtensible Markup Language).
  • mzData, from the HUPO PSI-MS working group.

Mass spectrometers and software:

  • Bruker Daltonics mass spectrometers native binary formats
    • .yep ESI-Ion Trap instrument family (Esquire, HTC).
    • .baf ESI-TOF MS instrument family (microTOF, BioTOF).
    • fid XMass (Apex, BioTOF, Flex).
    Installation of Bruker's CompassXtract utility from the Compass Tools, freely downloadable after registration on Bruker's website, is needed.

  • Thermo mass spectrometers native binary format
    • .raw
    Installation MSFileReader utility coming with Xcalibur software is needed ( Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc).

  • Native format from Applied Biosystems
    • .T2D from 4700 and 4800 TOF/TOF instruments.

  • Analyst software from Applied Biosystems/Sciex
    • ASCII file exported from Analyst.
    • Convert the native binary data to mzXML with mzStar.

  • MassLynx software from Waters
    • ASCII file exported from MassLynx.
    • Convert the native binary data to mzXML with MassWolf.