Proteome Imaging

The Proteome Imaging team, has been performing research and development of image processing and analysis software since 1984. The two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) images are an important basis for quantitative analysis and comparative proteomics. Detecting protein expression changes associated with diseases and treatments, among many other applications, has been a major incentive to the development of specialized software systems for 2-DE image analysis, such as Melanie, the software developed by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Melanie has been constantly updated and enhanced based on feedback from specialized users. Currently, Melanie is jointly distributed by Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and by Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences). Melanie's algorithms and interface were then adapted to the visualization and analysis of LC-MS datasets through the MSight software. Specific algorithms to the LC-MS data analysis, such as detection or matching, had to be carried out, while the general framework and all the visualization and manipulation tools, as well as the data and statistical analysis modules could be re-used as such. This expertise shows that a general software framework, such as the Melanie platform, can be developed that may then lead to software packages for various proteomics techniques where visualization and analysis of correlated data are necessary. Developing proteome imaging tools is our leitmotiv.

Tools developed by the team:

Software Package for 2-D Gel Electrophoresis computer analysis.

Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry imaging.

Partners and Collaborations:


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